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Yer off the edge of the map, mate.

Here there be monsters.

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hello beastie.

Interests (32):

air drumming, always using a fire pokemon to start, arguing with people who are wrong on the, being 'ridiculously tall', being a fb friending whore, being constantly vigilant for signs of z, consuming 200% of my rda of sugar, failing hardcore on mario kart, falling asleep in college, fighting evil by twatlight, fucking with my sleep patterns, gorging myself on chicken mcnuggets, having ninja skills, inside jokes, judging twihards, ketchup, kicking ass and taking names, logan lerman, not being hugged, not doing any of the revision i'm suppos, people who don't understand my humour, running like the wind when the bus is du, ryan reynolds, sarcasm, singing loudly, sitting outside empty classrooms, starting pokemon singalongs, threatening people with my narnia sword, using at least semi-proper english, with a large mcdonalds coke and a copy o, yelling "mr tumnus!" at every mention of, yelling finish him/her
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